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My name is Matt Zimmer. I was born in 1975. I live in Framingham, Massachusetts. I created Gilda when I was in the first grade and this mess just took off from there.

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Gilda And Meek And The Un-Iverse Gilda And Meek And The Un-Iverse
What is Gilda And Meek about?

It's about several things at once. It's a story of a Lucky Universe in a Multiverse teeming with Unlucky Ones and how our hero navigates that to her own advantage. It's a funny animal book that bit by bit reveals a huge fantasy and science fiction underpinning, much like Bone. It starts off as an erstwhile comedy until you realize it's actually been a drama the entire time. It's a story that after you read all 90 issues, you'll want to reread them again, as the best reading of The Un-Iverse isn't the first, it's the second. It's a bunch of random and seemingly unrelated characters and stories building and crossing over until they collide in an epic 19-part finale. It's about the antagonistic and loving relationship between the hero Gilda and the kid who looks up to her, Bernadette, and how their feelings for each other prove there is no wrong way to love a person. It's a political satire parodying the ridiculousness of the age we live in made more ridiculous by the fact that real life is crazier than my story's outlandish examples. It's about the fact that evil is uncool and mundane, and it's neat to have heroes to like and root for, and where the heroes are more interesting than the villains. It's about a strong female hero whose gender is irrelevant to the story at hand and is merely a strong hero who happens to be a female. It's about all of these things and none of them at the same time. Mostly, it's a way for me to work through my psychological crap. Which is what I think most writing boils down to for people.

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