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When I grow up, I'm gonna be the best drawerer ever!

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Coward of Valor
‘Twas the summer of Dourian year 809, something indeed was astir in the Wanderealm. Join Val, and his good mate Mox, and a whole cast of fanciful friends, as they make their trek across perilous lands! What sinister foes lie in wait to beset them?
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Violent Content Sexual Situations
Coward of Valor *original*
This is Coward of Valor in its original form. In its whole it's the completed Book One but please note that I am redoing all of it. Unless you are reading this out of novelty or curiosity I would recommend reading the new Coward of Valor instead.
Last update: 24th Oct 2019
Games, I guess...
Little game themed art and comics I do as a breather from my main project. Check em' out!
Last update: 13th Apr 2021