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This Is The End
Short webcomic.
Last update: 14th Oct 2015
A short webcomic we made.

Six pages.

Last update: 27th Feb 2013
Secret Santa 2014
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Freee was, surely, nothing more than a legend. Some said that he had been killed long ago, in a freak accident with a forklift. Or that was what they said. In the warehouse, late one night, he turned around... "It wasn't an accident." said a voice, not heard for years. "You tried to kill me..."

She heard the name and froze. AAABatteries. Sure, the name evoked images of the bottom drawer in the kitchen, where you keep your duct tape and screwdrivers and replacement smoke alarm power supplies, where you go when the television remote finally gives up and pushing the buttons ever harder just isn't working any more. But over the past three months, she had learned to associate the name with something far more sinister. Every time she heard the name, it was louder, and louder still. It was closer.