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Registration date: 28th Sep 2016
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Location: Ohio, United States
About me
Call me Maverick/Mav, Domino/Dom, Zero, or Maitiu/Mai.

Do not call me by my real name.

Maverick's comics
Jaettu (jay-too) is a planet full of life. The creatures, known as Jaeteans (jay-tea-anns) come in many subspecies. The Jaeteans must endure the challenges of everyday life and fight for their survival. The planet has been divided into factions by past wars. Now is a time of peace, travelers are welcomed by each faction. At least for some time longer. We will follow the lives of only a few of the creatures that speckle the surface.
Last update: 16th Oct 2016
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Elsewhere takes place way in the future of earth. Humans are gone and the only things left are mutated animals. Surprisingly, traces of humans stand strong in the form of buildings. The story will follow a few characters through their daily fight for survival in this primal world.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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An Arkemical is a small being made entirely of energy. This energy must be maintained for the being to survive long term. The being will imprint onto some living thing. On earth, the things of choice are animals as they accept the energy more willingly. This becomes a symbiosis, the animal gains an extended life and can fuse with their new friend to become more powerful in a time of need. The Arkemical gains the ability to become material and take the form of an earth animal. Depending on what form the Arkemical is in when the pair fuses they will be a different outcome. All Arkemical's names start with Ar. The being chooses its suffix, this suffix being a letter unique to that being. Each form has its own suffix on top of the full name. Ex: Art = Artem
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Dragons have harnessed the same power that the Green Lanterns use. But this power comes naturally and does not require a ring. Each dragon has its own unique set of horns with an orb that hovers in between them. The color of the orb depends on what emotions the dragon was exposed to as a hatchling. When first hatched the orb is nonexistent, as it begins the yearling stage the orb appears and stays a gray hue, only changing color once the dragon reaches it's mid-teens.

We'll follow the life of a very special dragon, his name's Kougren.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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