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Registration date: 28th Jun 2012
Last seen: 19th Nov 2012, 8:10 PM
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Location: England
About me
I'm mainly a musician (bassist) interested in Jazz but in my spare time like to draw and work on comics! If I had to describe myself I guess I'd say I'm a Pessimist that wants to be an Optimist :P

MeatPopsicle199's comics
Adventure Through The Space Head Monkey Lands
Cecil a human is transported as "The Chosen One" to The Space Head Monkey Lands on a quest to defeat The Space Head Monkey King! And so he sets of on this quest aided by his two allies "The Brothers Sanji and Sanjo" Along the way he meets a number of different characters and people and slowly begins to uncover the reason he was sent there and his reason for existence...
Last update: 8th Oct 2012
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