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Registration date: 24th Aug 2011
Last seen: 4 days ago, 5:38 AM
Posts: 1426
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Location: Huntington Beach, California
About me

I'm known in this community for the wrong reasons

One day I promise I will revive/make a comic

Storyboarding/graphic design student

Frenemies with AngryRob aka Rob aka the AngryCartoonist

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

Kyo: Hello, I is famous popular boy from Romania, I come to learn about love in country that is beautiful yours. I is face trials on my way here but I overcome all in order to find special someone. Maybe you is special someone.


I ride on the old people bus of Comicfury

Well, I did, now I'm more like the gravekeeper of Comicfury


Meed's comics
After the ornery, increasingly old members of CF get their bar, Comicfury Cafe, labelled for demolition by ModCorp, they take a stand to keep their turf - only to arrested, and end up in BanLand, CF's premier, and only, prison.
Last update: 17th Nov 2015
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Bro Claire
Clad in his Converse, a cinnimon toothpick tightly gritted into his teeth, with his mighty hair ablast to his sides, he stands in the land of Awesometown (literally), California, USA.

His towns head of the department of advertisement clearly isn't very original.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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