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Registration date: 18th Oct 2009
Last seen: 26th Jul 2012, 9:06 PM
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About me
About me? What about me? What about me do you want to know?! Why do you want to know about me?! Do I know you?!

...Ahem. Anyway. Hi~ I'm just a simple average (or not) teenager who enjoys relaxing at home more than going out. Also, I'm obsessed with anime and I started watching horror movies at too young of an age probably. That strange combination is a bit of an obvious influence on my work.

MeeowNekoma's comics
(Old)Fiyora Nya
We've now moved to out new site at
Last update: 1st Dec 2011
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Black Harvest Mansion
A series of mostly short comics following the story of two young witch girls, their butlers, one a vampire and the other a nosferatu - there's a difference - and the myriad of strange people and creatures who visit their mansion. Many never leave.
Last update: 25th Jul 2010
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Rhalia: Princess and Goblin
Rhalia, a world of magic and fantasy. And stuff. Follow the adventures of four adventurers who probably shouldn't be adventuring. Or be in the same room.
Last update: 11th Jan 2011
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