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Registration date: 9th Nov 2015
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About me
Author of amazing comic named Worak ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MegaDamned's comics
Great Vanthruu desert is a no man's land.

In ancient times something must have happened in this part of the world, turning it into what it is now - a wasteland filled with demonic creatures, ruins and artefacts of ancient civilisations and unstable conditions.

In this distorted reality it seems that even time flows differently and laws of physics don't work the way one would expect.

However despite the hostility of this place, each day it draws countless human souls eager to uncover secrets it holds. Scientists, adventurers, scavengers, heroes - all are drawn into mysterious land each with their own intent and desire.

Some brave souls have managed to return after venturing far into the desert, and few of them told a same story... A story of a fortress standing on a floating mountain.

This tale has spread through the world, and even bigger desire grew in peoples hearts and minds. People started creating settlements in the desert despite constant danger, all for one goal, to reach the centre of the desert.

Last update: 18th Jul 2016
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Last update: 11th Jun 2016
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