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Registration date: 5th Nov 2010
Last seen: 5th Oct 2018, 2:13 AM
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About me
Meg is a struggling comic book artist that lives on anger and the tears of small children. She is an elusive creature but can occasionally be lured out of hiding by a good mocha.

Meghasissues's comics
Damn Hipsters
There's some in every generation... those that are so obsessed with being cool they'll do anything to keep ahead of the mainstream no matter how stupid it makes them look.

These are their stories.

Last update: 4th Nov 2013
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Cat Detective
Cat Detective is a first rate detective who also happens to be a cat. Follow his adventures as he and his partner Tony Malhoney solve crimes while trying to escape the glare of Internal Affairs.
Last update: 31st Aug 2018
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