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Webcomic artist, writer, and attempted funny person

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Waste Of Time Waste Of Time
In the fictional city of Fairliestoke, a lovestruck student, a well-meaning goof, and an unmotivated artist attempt to muddle their way through Real Adulthood™ and waste a bunch of time together. Work, love, friendship--they're pretty bad at all of it. Updates on Mondays and Thursdays

Contains some strong language and mild sexual content

Infinite Scroll for Mobile / Also available to read on Tapas / T-shirts available for your wearing tolerance

Last update: One week ago
Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Waste Of Time Extras Waste Of Time Extras
Works in progress from Waste Of Time and even worse jokes, updates whenever
Last update: 17th Dec 2022
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Hourly Comic Day 2018 Hourly Comic Day 2018
All my hourly comics from Hourly Comic Day 2018, in one place, for your viewing tolerance.
Last update: 4th Feb 2018