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You know when you wake up in the morning and just think you can take on the day, but then realize there's a dragon in the front yard, your boyfriend/girlfriend got warped into a video game, your friends are wondering why you aren't on some odd Atlantis adventure with them, thinking you got the text message or something, and your family questions your ability to fight off an orc army?

Well, that's me. Okay okay, so there's not an orc army, but one day there might be. I'm just about as random as you can get and my friends encourage this type of behavior. Yes they are great friends. No, they are not available. They are all mine.

I am at my peak age (according to my dinosaur doctors, though I question where they even got their PHDs from) of 25. Biology often calls my name, but drawing and comic making are where my creativity lies. I do like to photograph wildlife and may even use my own wildlife pictures as part of my webcomic. I started Mel's Log around 2012, but never really got it up and going. Now, I feel I should. So here I am everyone. Let the randomness begin and may every Mel win.

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