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Memoria Caelestie's Profile
Memoria Caelestie
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Registration date: 2nd Nov 2013
Last seen: Yesterday, 9:05 PM
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About Me
I like to draw lesbians... and I am french...
you can call me mem or lorsenal I don't really care either ways!

I draw and you can see my wonderful drawings on these sites:

Memoria Caelestie's Webcomics
Cold Sweat
Cold sweat is a wlw gothic romance comic between a newbie Vampire with little ability to be one and a rude male-passing woman. Both are outsiders to society and trying to survive.It is A MESS!
Last update: 8 days ago
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The Sunless Children
The Damastesien army, enslaving and pillaging, sweeps the continent in search of their runaway queen. Gambler and thief Mephena Sibiclair travels alone, terrified of capture.
The thief meets a rude elf with a heart of gold who is looking for a girl. Together they flee the Damastesi Empire.

It contains lesbians which also means galpals. and they are butch. Meaning they don't have dicks.

Last update: 10th Jun 2018
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