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Meredith King
Registration date: 19th Jul 2011
Last seen: 24th Dec 2011, 8:34 PM
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"Years ago, there was a monarchist oligarchy who did not know how to rule. They needed to distract the public from the world that was falling apart. And so they created a the Telenet, an augmented reality in which there was no pain, anger or fear. However, those emotions had to go somewhere...
Now, there are creatures called Shades that walk among us. Human in form, monster in actions, killer by nature. All of our repressed emotions personified."

This story spans over 75 years of history, from the rise (and fall) of the oligarchy to the Final Death. There are no heroes, there are no villains or damsels in distress. There is simply survival. And death.

Are you Inside or Outside?

Last update: 31st Aug 2011
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