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The Pants Party
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Registration date: 22nd Dec 2010
Last seen: 17th May 2017, 9:28 PM
Posts: 648
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Location: Virginia
About Me
I author the webcomic Donuts For Sharks and Color for the comic DSW is Uncool, (because then I feel cooler). I like to take dance breaks when I'm writing. I have a handful of pens and a bamboo tablet on my lap and go crazy in Corel Painter 4. I love getting suggestions.

Come see me on I'm an old regular in the craption contest and getting into the workshop.

Metsfan's Webcomics
Donuts for Sharks
Donuts for Sharks is a bi-weekly comic about a vertically challenged Grim Reaper as well as the darkly absurd and quirky world going on around him. Comics Tuesday and Friday.
Last update: 16th May 2017
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Kid Batman
Kid Batman explores the world of batman through ice cream smeared kid goggles. He goes through life with his loving Guardian Alfred and his best bundle of joy sidekick Robin. But most importantly, no matter what happens ever, he will never stop trying to be batman.

Made for my comic friends and the PWOT.

Last update: 15th Oct 2012
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Stick It In Me
Stick it in me is an erotic comic that's totally hot and if you don't jerk off to it then you are a Puritan.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Stanley Book
O my god, stanley, I love you. Wrap me in your dreads my beautiful darling
Last update: 12th Apr 2013
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From Out My Eyes
This is the website to post my final Senior Project Comic as well as eventually send over to Donuts for Sharks the official site. But here I'll be updating this comic with concept art and storyboards until the final piece is completed.
Last update: 21st Apr 2015
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