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*loves cats, cats, cats, and comics ..especially science fiction, horror and fantasy.

And this is Algernon,
a ShadowFurian babygator :D

Miaubol's Webcomics
Kordinar 25000 Kordinar 25000
Kordinar is such a wonderful world.. Of course that cannot last.

A messenger from the future tells them that the entire world got destroyed. Will it happen again? Who did it? Governments, tyrants, rebels, cults and even bandits desperately try to "save the world", but nobody really knows what to do. Alph, the college student who just wanted to have fun and party, knows it even less.

Destruction, panic and chaos ensue.

[Updates every two weeks, late Tuesday or early Wednesday, depending on your timezone]

Last update: 5 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
The Perfect Pest The Perfect Pest

They're everywhere! Taken over the entire city! Leaving a terrifying trail of destruction, gore and splatt! Can they be stopped? Or is it too late?!

Last update: 21st Mar 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore
Tales of the wandering stranger Tales of the wandering stranger

Edward Marrowfinger just wanted to go on a midnight stroll...

So begins this webcomic anthology, six comics in total, each of them a stand-alone story on their own, but they're also closely tied to each other to an overarching whole. It starts sometime in the Victorian age, with three kids and a book. And Edward Marrowfinger. Then, more and more people turn into undead. Until......

Last update: 3rd Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore