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Hi there! I'm an artist, making some illustration here and there and I would love to share it with you'll! I also do commissions, realism, semi-realism, portraits, illustrations, comic, anime. I'm also in facebook and instagram

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After he wakes up, a young guy (Tae) seems to don't remember anything about his previous life or the people around him, confused, he tries to reach for answers of his previous life while he works for an organization alongside his leader (Kai) and his friends (Khali, Glob) that, together, have the duty to preserve the line of time and space far from evil hands with an unbelievable strength.

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Tae (Español)
Luego de que despierta, un joven (Tae) parece no recordar nada sobre su vida pasada o sobre los que lo rodean, confundido, trata de buscar respuestas sobre su vida pasada mientras trabaja para una organización junto con su líder (Kai) y sus amigos (Khali, Glob) que juntos se encargan de conservar el tiempo y espacio fuera de las manos de villanos con una increible fuerza.

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