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William Boyer is an amateur cartoonist who works full-time doing something else while being happily married. Tommy Gray is likewise and helps Will with his comic work on the side by managing some of his websites, updating when Will can't, and other various things including brain-storming for comic narrative and joke material. Together, and occassional with others, they form MiloTeam Comics or the MiloComics Group. Currently Will and Tom are working on SuperMilo, both in a newspaper style comic strip format and sometimes a traditional comic format.

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The Misadventures of SuperMilo The Misadventures of SuperMilo
What happens when you give superpowers to the world's most irresponsible party animal? Watch out! This ain't no super man, he's SUPERMILO! And now he's here to live up to his own super code: With great power comes really great parties! But when the original steward of the secret to his super powers comes back to see how he's been using this gift to the planet Earth, to what extremes will SuperMilo go keep them? And just how much can the people of Clemmons City take before they decide to forcefully expel their little super-nuisance? Find out in the continuing Misadventures of SuperMilo!
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