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Mimi's Profile
formerly known as Prince
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Registration date: 19th Jun 2014
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Location: a Pink House
About Me
"She brings out the 'Tubby in everyone" -inky
"[Mimi is] a Teletubby in a human costume" -PandasPizza

Mimi's the name, and cuteness's my game.
artist | media student | massive kid-at-heart

mimi.kitapi @skype
mimikitapi @twitter and tumblr

Mimi's Webcomics
Of Flowers & Pinwheels
--In Development--
A series about humanised Teletubbies.

Timothy Wilson wishes he was a normal person so he wouldn't have to deal with his less-than-perfect legacy from all these years ago. Trying to distance from it is hard when every year you're summoned to be the face of the Pinwheel Festival.


formerly 'School of Ragdoll' (2014-2015)

Last update: 6th May 2016
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School of Ragdoll
--Discontinued, please see 'Of Flowers & Pinwheels'--
Last update: 15th May 2016
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Oranges and Limes
Oranges and Limes is not a comic, per se, but a layout designed for use by other CF webcomics.

It's very fruity O:

Last update: 11th Aug 2015
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