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Stephen – In my normal life I am a Software Engineer for a small software company.

Comic Jobs – Writer, Page layouts, Webmaster and base page colouring slave. aka Ulrich Dunharrow

Steve - In Steve’s normal life he is Logistics Officer for a reputable company.

Comic Jobs – Artist, Inking master and detailing guru , co-plot writer. aka MoonStar
Dunharrow Scrolls a comic born from the mists of many a night and days of solid role-playing. My friend and myself have been wanting to create a comic based on the characters and a fantastic story from our role-playing past for some time.

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Dunharrow Scrolls Dunharrow Scrolls
The Dunharrow Scrolls will take you into an epic fantasy land filled with adventure, magic and friendship. The story follows a group of companions from their first meetings to their darkest hours in the lands of Khestor.

The Gods move their champions over the lands as if chess pieces, in an unending struggle between order and chaos. Our companions find themselves entwined in the epic story which will pull them from their normal lives into the very struggle itself.

Last update: 4th Mar 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore