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French-German artist, lost somewhere in the Vosgian Mountains

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Riverboat Riverboat
John F Kennedy and Aldo Moro - The whole story develops around these two former statesmen embarking upon an adventurous journey to solve a mystery. The mystery itself evolves as the story goes on and it is all centered on a perplexing and baffling poem. On the river boat, they also meet their elusive and intangible travelling companion Mallie, the supernatural talking cat. Indeed, the Ship transports exiting characters and new adventures come up around every corner.
The plot of the comic is based in a different world, maybe even after life. The limits here are endless and the reader can out his own rendition into the comic and make a world of his own
The water color technique gives this comic a very rustic and perpetual look that is just extravagant. Any comic lover will undoubtedly like the imagery and the creativity in this aesthetic and imaginative piece.
This comic is recommended to everyone who has an un-wavering love for comics and graphic novels. But this is also ideal for people new to the comic world to make a kick start with something so addictive and captivating. It is just the comic everyone has been looking for.

Last update: 27th Jul 2017
Senza Contorno Senza Contorno
JFK e Aldo Moro si sono persi in un sogno surreale.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Pilgrimage Aldo Moro 2015 Pilgrimage Aldo Moro 2015
Everybody is doing the way of St. james - Santiago de Compostela.

I am doing my own pilgrimage! 2200 Kilometers from mthe Ard├Ęche in France, down to Maglie, South Italy, where Aldo Moro was born. On the half of the way, is also Torrita Toberina, a little village near Rome where is the grave of Aldo Moro can be found.

The journey will be over seven months. I travel on foot, with my packing Donkey Gamin. Starting date is April 17. On the road I will draw my impressions. The best of them shall be published here.

Last update: 4th Apr 2015
Clallam Bay Comicon Clallam Bay Comicon
In 2017, Diana Kennedy will travel all the way from France to the far northwest corner of the United States, to attend the most isolated comicon on the planet. It's hard to get here, but it's loads of fun. We have fireworks!
Last update: 9th May 2017