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Alice Mason is a normal girl. She gets good grades in college, doesn't go out much, and sticks to her books. She's normal in every way, at least in her mind. Well, with the little exception of the month she went missing when she was nine.

No one knows what happened to her, but the once lively girl became somber, drawing into herself. Strange dreams plagued her, eventually drawing her back to the place she'd been found. Something was here, something important she forgot.

And Lacrymae is delighted with the little one's return.

Last update: 16th Apr 2018
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Cathryn Reid and her family never asked to be cursed with the gift of magic. By Silundhist law, all mages must be branded and licensed to use their abilities or face either execution or 'reeducation' in the Temple. Mages cannot marry. Cannot hold office, elected or hereditary. Even the licensed face persecution and violence. Some, like the Reid family, chose a life of secrecy instead. And that choice sends them on the run. For when Silundhil's laws are broken, few places are safe from the Temple's wrath.
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