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Mister W
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Registration date: 1st May 2013
Last seen: 5th May 2016, 2:49 PM
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About Me
I'm just a science teacher, pretending to be a cartoonist. I do my strips on the side which is why they only update once a week. I create them traditionally with paper, pencil, pens, brushes and ink. They are then scanned into the computer where letters, colors, and re-sizing are done. Thanks for reading!

Mister W's Webcomics
Robots are people too.
Last update: 24th Sep 2015
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zero cool
"zero cool" is my take on the superhero genre. I'm a fan of superhero comics but I grow tired of reading how much of a burden it is to have superpowers. The main character acquires superpowers and loves it! Wouldn't you? The comic was originally setup as a daily newspaper strip with six black and white strips followed by a larger, color "Sunday" strip. One day I just started doing it as a full color comic book style page. I like it better this way. Plus I got sme positive feedback after the switch so I'm going to continue it this way. "zero cool" updates on Saturday.
Last update: 29th Feb 2016
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