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I'm an aspiring animated series creator, fiction writer, television writer, poet, comic writer, comic illustrator, general illustrator, karaoke singer, and hat enthusiast. I currently work out of Indianapolis, and I received my Bachelors in Media Arts and Science from IUPUI, with a minor in Creative Writing. My illustrations and writing has been published in three separate university arts journals, including IUPUI's Genesis Magazine, Butler University's Manuscripts Journal, and California State University-Northridge's Review journal.

MisterParadigm's Webcomics
Mallory Bash Mallory Bash
An intrepid ten year-old girl indulges her curiosity, often learning the hard way, with a bit of wisdom from her grandfather, Odran.

Search Tags: mallory, bash, odran, adventure, red head, ginger, curious, coming of age, isaac, saki, discovery, imagination.

Last update: 4th May 2022
Dammit, Dave! Dammit, Dave!
Slice Of Life humor about my life according to me. You know, one of them autobiographical comics that tells the narrative "truth" instead of the actual truth.

This is a comic of lies. Entertaining lies.

Last update: 2nd May 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Scratch Scratch
In the wake of a disorienting relationship with a manic-depressive schizophrenic, an alcoholic begins having recurring dreams wherein he converses with the Devil.
Last update: 14th Jan 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language