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Registration date: 6th Aug 2011
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About Me
I'm an avid WoW player working on machinima comics for my own entertainment, but thought I'd share with whoever.

Moeru's Webcomics
Lo'meath & Huilii
After the events at the Sunwell, the feelings of discontent between the Aldor and the Scryers reached a new high. Without a common enemy, they turned once more on each other. To the point of bloodshed it came, and from this hate was born a pair of star-crossed lovers.Unfortunately for the factions, nothing but the death of their children could take away their misplaced rage. And so from this tragedy comes the story of Lo'meath & Huilii.

(A modern/WoW interpretation of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.)

Last update: 19th Nov 2013
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