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Monday's just this girl, you know?


Ty merraBingonogy, sire.

The one ring.
Diameter, wide - but empty,
As a girl
Who overdoses tea.
-Bolderousness, strudelboard, 2016


Monday's Webcomics
It Happened on a Monday
A group of humanitarian aid workers who have no grasp of when to quit try and keep humanity afloat after the apocalypse.
Last update: 22nd Nov 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
A new citizen of the country of Furistan arrives to discover that all was not as she thought. Who can Inky trust? And what has happened to the famed city?

Last update: 9th Aug 2016
The fate of the world after it has been taken over by two young men intent on dominating the whole of humanity for the sole purpose of being able to drink coffee all day and play games with human minds. Co Evil Overlords... Co-verlords.

Aided by their disobedient and somewhat useless Minion and their highly cynical librarian, the two Overlords must do their best to keep the world at bay. A task that was much, much simpler before the heroes came along.

Last update: 24th Mar 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore
Anthology is the primary catalogue of the Mid-Strudel culture, located on ComicFury. Members of the ComicFury Noticeboard (endonymically referred to as Strudellers) create pictorial representations of one another and share them with the community. Memes ensue.
Last update: 17th Jun 2020