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Registration date: 3rd May 2015
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About me
Call me by Thah S.! I'm artist... Well Sketch or manga style artist. Goal be a manga artist in time.
Love cartoon, anime and manga.
I'm total fan of InuYasha show as both manga and anime. Forever my favorite~ Fave character is Kagome Higurashi.
My favorite cartoon is Xiaolin Showdown! Fav character is Kimiko Tohomiko and Chase Young.

Proud shipper of ShiroKuro(Marina/Daisuke)~image<333

MoonLotus-Hime's comics
3 Flower Gems
~A CreepyPasta story~

Legend of 3 Flower Gems:

Ever heard of a creepy game called Three Flower Gems before? No? It's a game... A game of survival against a lone murderous hostess and her two canine companion, out to murder her guest/player. Why play such a insane game? Some believed she's kidnapped them if they're close to her home or lure them in someway, then force them play her derange game and thats were madness start. Why make the game? Truth be told, no one really knows how this came to be. Some believe she snapped. Other say she's mentally ill and decided killing was fun. But no one knows the truth to story for anyone plays her games died or those escape and not finish her game, murdered. By her weapons she carries or companion, they say have unnatural color; Sapphire and Emerald hit of yellow.

Where 3 flower gems put into this? There's only 3 night, 3 hour and 3 flower gems in her death game. You must find least one of the flower gems before games night end or you will be murdered regardless by her hand or her companion. Which ever find you first. Though even if you escape her home, she'll hunt you down to end of the earth until you die no matter where you live or move to. She'll still find you one way or another. Thus, you can't escape her no matter what. So best chance find one of the gems and survive. If find gems before night end or being killed... You'll live but only for now. Players/Guest must finish her game or else she'll hunt them and murder them once and for all.

Who's this psychotic murderous hostess? .... Those who saw her or manage taken 'photo' of her and live to tell a tale, says she look truly pristine and purely sharp stoic female who dressed like a young hostess. However, refer her as one of CreepyPasta for game and... Her appearance. She wears a creepy gas mask but that not what made her popular to be known as CreepyPasta. No.

Her appearance is creepy in every way, for those indeed saw her do not know the different at first. But if you in front of her and look closely... She look truly like a doll. A very pristine porcelain doll. No spect of dirt or marking anywhere on her, is what make her so creepy. But what made her doll like give so much creepy vibes, is her expressionless. Barely show any ray of faces other than a empty dead or angered look.

What is her name? No one knows her true real name but she claimed to be 'Starla Rosalyn' to those outsider. But as a murderous hostess and everyone knows very well is...


A very befitting name for a pristine murderous porcelain doll hostess like her.


Reading: Right to Left


Ranked: PG 13

Status: On hold until buy new laptop.(q A q)

Last update: 7th Jun 2017
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Everlasting Garden Fields
Nova Helene is a skeptical photographer girl and a Junior in Starling high school. Thus, one of her skeptic is about FFA(Future Farmer of America) club because FFA is all about Agriculture and AG lead to farmer-related, in which more hard labor in all. In a way, it sound boring to her and seem unimportant nor fun to be at. But that what she had thought after just watching and hearing from other people talk about it through her year being in Starling high, who either in it or not.

That is until she found a strange looking card...

Reading: Right to Left

Real life/Slice of life/School Life

Ranked: PG 13

Update: Hiatus
Other story:
Music in the Tarot Cards~ Runeildo & Kulap love story.

Last update: 25th Dec 2016
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Music in the Tarot Cards
Young romance between Kulap Chanarong; a Tarot Cards reader and older Psychic twin of DokMei, and Runeildo Damiao; the wild goofball and singing guitarist.

However, one prefer to live a life of calm lonely serenity and other want alot of people to party hard while live-while-you-can-way. Despite their different personality and ways, they share similar trait and situation.

But what will happened when two seperate world collide... For one tragic reason? Are they destined to fall in love or are they fated to be forever heartbroken?

Time can only tell for them...


Reading: Right to Left

Romance/Love Story
School Life

Flag: Violence, Death, slightly Dark content and Harsh Language (Just cussing/dirty words or heavy argument)

Rated: PG 13

Update: Hiatus

Extras: Romantic story only for Kulap Chanarong and Runeildo Damiao, my other cast from my ongoing comic, Everlasting Garden Fields.

This story is in Middle school time long before reaching EGfs timeline, which set in High school and story of Nova begin. Thus, going take year for them to fall in love before Nova come along as new Junior student in Starling High and two couple already be Senior.

Last update: 20th Sep 2016
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Kulap's Tarot Cards
Kulap's own created and personalized Tarot Cards from both comic, Everlasting Garden Fields and Music in the Tarot Cards.
Last update: 28th Apr 2016
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EGF/MitTC FanArts~<3
All of Everlasting Garden Fields FanArt here. Plus my new comic, Music in the Tarot Cards, shall post here.
Last update: 20th Jan 2017
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The New 30 Days Of Characters
Last update: 1st May 2017
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