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mouth blood
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Registration date: 9th Nov 2014
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I must be stopped

Mothtrap's comics
Raining Knives
Dylan is haunted by ghosts he doesn't believe in. One of them is his victim - his brother. The other is a mystery. In fact, this place is full of mysteries. It seems like nothing stays dead in this town of bad weather.
Last update: 2 days ago
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Ghost Stories
These are some (not necessarily horror) stories about ghosts.

Last update: 11th May 2016
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End of Daydream
A decade has passed since Tungsten was rescued from the wilderness by President Pitt's army. Now General, he searches for a powerful version of himself from the past to help him betray the country that claimed to save him.

Nocturne must fall.

Last update: 5th Oct 2018
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