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37 year old artist & gamer — Avatar drawn by Spelledeg.

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Tweezen: Light of the Shadow Tweezen: Light of the Shadow
In the world of Ja'aire, a select group individuals known as Adventurers make their living in the form of dangerous tasks (or "quests") such as item retrieval, bodyguarding, bounty hunting, as well as many other odd jobs — For two adventurers: Stone "The Reaper" Neidhart and his young disciple: Rock Freeman, one quest is going to send them onto the biggest adventure of their lives.
Last update: 9 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Tweezen X-tras Tweezen X-tras
Extras for the webcomic: Tweezen: Light of the Shadow. Extras could include fan art, extra art, basically anything related to the TZN that wouldn't fit in the main comic would go here.
Last update: 13 days ago