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I'm a biologist, teacher, and Europhile who likes scifi and horror.

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Chickamangu Chickamangu
When ghoulish Sasha Chou's brother dies, she is sent to live with her mother's estranged family in Straubsdale, Virginia. Her aunt and uncle are strange, their isolated house is creepy, but it's the ghost children and flesh eating insects that make Sasha's skin crawl! Soon, Sasha finds herself drawn into a centuries old mystery that may cost her everything to solve...including her life!
Last update: 16th Mar 2020
Occasional Strong Language
Through the Rye Through the Rye
When gore hound Reggie Redgrove discovers a snuff TV show called Diddly Doo the Dinosaur, she knows she wants to see more. She and her pal from the video store, Rosie, decide to investigate and track down more tapings of the twisted cartoon. But each taping is worse than the last: trick-or-treats being probed by women dressed as aliens, killer little girls in devil costumes, tapings of suicide pacts, just to name a few! And with each episode they watch, the girls begin to experience more and more unusual events in the real world. Soon, they find themselves unable to tell the difference between what's real...and what's not.
Last update: 27th Jan 2023
Violent Content Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language