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Registration date: 8th Feb 2017
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About me
Call me Mushi. I'm the author and artist of Peripety and am also working on other projects, like making a video game called Speak no Evil, and writing a few other comics in my spare time.

I'm pretty chill, and am always willing to talk, critique, or look at more comics (I love reading new comics yo.)

Also! Here's where you can find me elsewhere:



Mushkikizou-Chan's comics
Leif was offered a peaceful life. A chance to live happily with the two orphans who loved him and treated him like family. But he throws it away, too disturbed by the troubled feeling in his heart to notice what he had. His decision destroys his village and scatters his family. And what's worse: leaves him afflicted with lycanthropy.

But despite all this, Leif is rescued by another searching soul: Eipotch. Both seeking redemption, they embark on a journey involving the fates of many - princes, armies, families, and even the fate of the land itself.

Last update: 16th Feb 2017
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