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My Alt's Profile
My Alt
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Registration date: 23rd Oct 2015
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About me
I think it's obvious.

My Alt's comics
Red Hood Rider
Red Hood Rider, known to her friends as Ruby, is a fairly average sixteen-year-old girl. Except that she's a type of magical girl known as a Rider, a superhero who uses the power of light and magic to vanquish evil. She's one of many, though, because her world is filled with supes of all kinds.

By some cosmic coincidence, she just so happens to also be the lord of the most powerful vampire coven in existence, but that's only a part-time obligation, so not really a big deal.

She might be the chosen one of a few prophecies, but there are hundreds of those in the world,, who are we kidding? She's the titular character. She's important. This is her story.

Updates every Saturday at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Last update: 3rd Dec 2016
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A Look Into My Life
A webcomic which looks at my life. Updates whenever I have inspiration and waste my time making a comic about something.
Last update: 1st Jan 2017
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Life of a Mortal: Light Novel
Humanity’s been enslaved by a ‘superior’ race that thinks itself “better” in every way. Aaron, the sole survivor in one of very few surviving human camps across the world, has set out on a quest to prove them wrong, yet he’s off to a rocky start: he must elude his captors, as he alone holds the key to fighting back, using the lost knowledge of his ancestors to alter the world.

His mission to reawaken humanity in jeopardy as he’s unable to fight a one-man war against the dominant force in the world, he recruits allies from the only source he has: enemy troops that are receptive to his ideals of change.

But even Aaron, who thought he had seen everything the world had to offer, who thought he knew the way it worked, who thought he’d lived through every horror possible, will soon discover that there’s far more to life than what it appears: the human dream is not without its flaws, and the odds are heavily stacked against him.

This is Life of a Mortal.
It is currently being worked on as a novel, which I have chosen to also release online as a light novel: this!

Last update: 13th Dec 2015
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Miscellaneous Madness
Basically, where I put my unrelated art, or art not important enough to be mentioned.

In spite of the nudity tag, is mostly safe for work unless specifically warned otherwise. It's art, so not all art is SFW.

Last update: 8th Nov 2016
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The Descended
"Life's not worth living without some suffering.
...Also, I found it funny."

The Descended takes place in the World of Soano, a world governed by a built-from-scratch RPG system and the gods' bad sense of humor. Specifically, it follows the quests and stories of three adventuring groups: The Outcasts, The Elementals, and The Latens, on their missions to become stronger for their own various reasons.

Hilarity--if Bree's doing her job correctly--will ensue.

(Genres: Fantasy/Adventure/RPG/Humor.)

Currently on-hold temporarily (Check out Red Hood Rider meanwhile), but when resuming, will update Mondays at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Last update: 7th Aug 2014
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