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Registration date: 3rd Feb 2016
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About me
Hello! I'm Kelly, and instead of saying that I like comics like friggin' you would suspect, I will just say I have a soft spot for dating sims. And Harvest Moon... and snails.

Mystic-Snail's comics
Stolen Memories
Maxwell is a witch who just turned 17; however, an evil witch, once out cast, has now returned to the village and is stealing the memories of everyone inside. Now it is up to Max and her familiar Balthasar to save the day by returning what was lost.

Slow internet? Can't load Flash? Stay tuned for the non flash mirror on tap :D

Updates in chapter thirds the Sunday after I finish them.

Last update: 26th Mar 2017
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CF Hook-up Crossover Exchange
A fun-filled collection of smut from the CF Hook-up Crossover Exchange. ;)
Last update: 23rd Apr 2017
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