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Nama's Profile
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Registration date: 15th Nov 2012
Last seen: Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Posts: 7678
Comments left: 1519
Ratings given: 4.88 / 535
Profile views: 12476
Location: Wonderland
About me
I'm Nama. I'm a weeb. Oh and I guess I'm a moderator too. Yea. Pm me if you need anything. Or you just want to chat that's cool too. I'm a pretty easy going person.
My trash twitter
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Nama's comics
To The Same
A Short Comic

*Some Sensitive material*

Last update: 15th Nov 2018
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I post my art shit here
Last update: 21st Apr 2018
[Comic profile]
Average Day Randomness
This comic has stuff. Stuff is good.

We are back.

Last update: 23rd May 2015
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