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Pokemon fanatic with a love for telling stories and a habit of never finishing them. ◇DeviantArt◇ ◇Youtube◇ ◇Archive of Our Own

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Pokemon: Heroes of Magnolia Pokemon: Heroes of Magnolia
Ever since Pokémon battling was declared illegal, Magnolia has been lurking with protestors; and with the recent attack from a criminal gang, the region is in more danger than it's ever been. Desperate, the Magnolia Police Department calls upon the aid of wild Pokémon, all having had connections to the gang– some clear, some not. The Pokémon of the MPD and others are forced to confront what they had been lucky to avoid, all while hope is quickly dwindling and the fate of Magnolia rests on their shoulders.

Or, a grittier take on Pokemon set in a fanmade region. Based on the main series video games.

CW: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Themes of Abuse and Trauma

Updates are usually daily!

Last update: 27th Aug 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
POKÉCOMIX: Evergreen Heroes POKÉCOMIX: Evergreen Heroes
You’ve seen it all from the perspective of the Trainer— but what would happen if we saw it from a ‘mon’s point of view?

Lucas Lucario’s journeys from Evergreen Forest, to Moonrise Woods, to Sunset Woods, will tell a story of family, betrayal, acceptance and love, as well as make way for a secret organization to take back their freedom and claim the Magnolia region as their own.

Brace yourselves— it’s not gonna be pretty.

[Please note that this series may not be suitable for all audiences, due to the following themes:

-Implications and depictions of neglect/cruelty/abuse
-Mild language
-Blood and violence
-Character deaths and trauma

Please keep this in mind before, and while reading.]

||Evergreen Heroes - A Pokemon Webcomic||

Last update: 28th Sep 2021
Violent Content