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Author of Ruby Nation, Wyrecats, Poet Kitties, Minnie and Max, and more

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The Ruby Nation
Dr. Evie Sloane-Harrison and Dr. Tori Carcharria dreamed of solving global medical problems with nanotechnology. Unfortunately, good intentions led them to create post-human child warriors forced to serve cruel wealthy elites. Before committing suicide, Dr. Sloane-Harrison administered a dose of an enhancement serum to her daughter, Ruby. After a laboratory monkey bit Ruby, she grew exponentially and developed electromagnetic superpowers.

Rejected by society and pursued by a global conspiracy, Ruby befriended a group of post-human misfits. Together, they battle against Dr. Carcharria, as they seek to create a peaceful new homeland in Neil Kapit's thrilling science fiction tale, Ruby Nation.

Last update: 25th Jan 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
We Are The WyreCats
The Wyrecats were a team of autistic teenagers who decided to make the world a better place by building robotic suits and doing good, with public service and humanitarian inventions as well as costumed heroics. The powers that be were threatened by their progress and created a terrorist organization, Ignis, to destroy them. Five years after the climactic battle, one of the team wakes up from a coma, and finds it hard to pick up where her friends left off...

Last update: 6th Aug 2020
Minnie and Max, Monster Girl Detectives
Minnie Sarnoff and Max Zieger used to be two normal(ish) girls with an interest in the arcane and few friends but each other. Then they found a group practicing actual witchcraft, and accidentally opened a portal to the other side that transformed their bodies into magical creatures. Now Minnie the giant oni and Max the miniature faerie try to determine what happened to them and how they can become human again, but they’ll have a lot of other magical mysteries to solve first....
Last update: 15th Feb 2021