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I enjoy graphic design, story writing, and all that other fun fluff. :3

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Pokemon: Triple Tousle Pokemon: Triple Tousle
Team Triple Tousle . The team of Neo, Chakra, and Noble are ready and set to take on forces no one else dares challenge. Forces such as ShadowBolt, MichaelXD, and maybe even more sinister forces lurk hidden in the shadows. It's up to them to find them and fight off these forces. These forces are odd as they come, but Triple Tousle has its own set of oddities as well. Come join us for the challenges! It comes with EXP share turned on!
Last update: 4 days ago
Pokemon: Team Buckshot Pokemon: Team Buckshot
All it took was one bad job to have all hell break loose for this group of bounty hunters.

But when Team Buckshot's leader, Kaxo the Lopunny, impulsively takes a high-paying job without doing his homework on who the target is and brings along his two fellow bounty hunter teammates, Shank the Cinccino and Sabot the Bellossom, it becomes a rapid-fire trip to hell they weren't expecting. They quickly find out the hard way what happens when you strike at TARMA, the Tactical Arms, Research, and Manufacturing Authority that's the main supplier for the corrupt government responsible for making the world the warzone that it is, all while TARMA profits from the carnage. And in this gritty, dirty, industrial, and nearly post-apocalyptic Pokémon world of Baladax, you consider yourself lucky if you survive the week.

For Kaxo, Shank, and Sabot, once you've crossed the line and you've stepped into an everlasting suicide mission trying to survive, there's no telling where or how the story ends. But then just when they think it's over, they find out they're not the only ones on the run with the crosshairs on them...

Last update: 2 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads
A Collaborative Comic created by the artist community of Pokemon Crossroads.

Join us at PXR!:

Since this is a collaborative comic, updates are random at best so please be patient with us. While it's reasonable to want to know when the next update will be, the truth is that it is very dependent on the schedules of the authors who are taking away time from their other projects to work on this one. So thank you for reading and your patience is appreciated.

Last update: 21st Nov 2021