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Registration date: 22nd Sep 2016
Last seen: 22nd Feb 2017, 3:47 AM
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Location: Florida
About Me
Just a comic artist with a dream! I just wanna create really cool comics and post them for everyone to see! I also really like playing video games, watching movies, and of course reading other comics, whether they're webcomics or printed books.

Nickuro's Webcomics
Counting Sheep
Lillian Lovee and Jenny Clefthart are a couple girls on the run. Lillian, having recently been rescued from some mysterious lab by Jenny, finds herself in a position where she is constantly being hunted down by hordes of clones of herself! Jenny's the only one who can protect her, and fulfill a promise she made to keep the young sheep safe from harm, while also treading a path of redemption.
The two will overcome many obstacles and enemies together, but through their friendship and combined will they'll overcome any challenge together!

Last update: 24th Oct 2016
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