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Night Sage
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About Me
My OC's name is Night Sage. He is married to Princess Luna. I did not originally plan for him to be married to Princess Luna, but then someone I know drew a hypothetical baby of my OC and Princess Luna: Princess Star Nixie

As A result, that sparked my creative juices, and gave me the Night Sage I have now. Here is information about Night Sage, at least key points in Night Sage's past:

Night Sage's Strange Condition
Night Sage's Cutie Mark
Chance Encounter
Princess Dating
Hearts and Hooves Day
Mass Hysteria

What I found odd is that in my search, I found nothing on Lunar Daimonds... So since I brought it up in the Journal "Hearts and Hooves Day" here is information about Lunar Gemstones

By my count, that is two original ideas:
1. The inclusion of a second color palette as part of the character.
2. Lunar Gemstones.

Then there is one, not used often idea: Luna saving OC from death.

I know of the originality, and the not often used idea, because I have literally gone through 2,368 different fanfictions concerning Luna and OC, as well as another 1,314 different OC's backstory. Lunar Gemstones, I've gone through 20 pages on Google, and found nothing, not even in fantasy games, which by the way I find really weird.