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Registration date: 10th Jun 2009
Last seen: 28th Nov 2014, 8:24 PM
Posts: 180
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Location: East Adams, MA
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Love is Conplicated
When sarcastic but charitable Amber Pennicastle follows a handsome panhandler to his secret hideaway, her life turns upside-down in this action/romantic comedy. (Revised and color version of Geode Corner).
Last update: 25th Jun 2013
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Tide Warden
In a watery world of countless dangers and ungrateful citizens, Jonah Izarro never wanted to be the TideWarden of Hydrolynn. Despite his constant efforts to protect his assigned township, the local TideWarden resents his lonely island life of forced responsibility. However, his isolated world changes forever when an airship crashes on his island.

Last update: 25th May 2013
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Chronicles of Basileon
When a Youth Group van is transported to an alternate world, seven teenagers must unite to find their missing pastor. Along the way, they discover a kingdom in peril and learn that they are the Seven Keyfarers, destined to bring hope to the Realm of Basileon.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Cimocbew Webcomic Zine
Cimocbew Webcomic Zine

Want to Contribute???

This webcomic zine is made with the intention of webcomic solidarity (lol), promoting new webcomics, promoting popular webcomics, promoting undiscovered webcomics, promoting my friend’s amazing work, self promotion (wont lie!),promoting YOU, and most of all, because web comics kick ass and we MAKE THEM FOR FREE. I also aim to introduce webcomics across different hosts and independent sites.

This zine is intended to give comickers a chance to advertise, because we need all the chances to advertise we can get! I wanted to set up the zine in a fun format that allows readers to view articles and pages, and discover comics by genre and characters.

There are other comic magazines. For this one, I’m aiming for simplicity. This fun project is intended to be read like a web comic, be all inclusive, promote and educate web-comickers and fans, and not take itself too seriously. It will have ads, however, ads will take the form of webcomic art advertisement.

If you are interested in contributing, check out the next pages that discuss some of the possible ways of being a part of the zine.

Email: if you are interested.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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