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Commercial graphic artist who also happens to do graphic adventure stories.

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UrbanHood UrbanHood
Last update: 3 days ago
Maverick Maverick
A newspaperman smells a story, a reporter gets a golden parachute and A hero from the past returns. That's not all there is to the story...
Last update: 7th Mar 2023
Lady Spiritfist Lady Spiritfist
After fighting to discover the true nature of combat against the five animal totems, she now lives to attain the status of worlds best martial artist and will risk everything to achieve that goal. Life has another lesson for her and her journey will show her that living, not fighting, is the true goal of being alive.
Last update: 15th Jul 2013
ThunderHawk ThunderHawk
Roswell was the first experience we had with extraterrestrial beings but because of the remote location and lack of global communications it was easily covered up. Now, in the sky over New York City, the battle of other worldly combatants cannot be denied. Cell phones of the eight million or so inhabitants provides undeniable proof that we are not alone in the universe. The war for the earth will be fought by beings with natural powers and artificial constructs beyond our ability to compete.
Fortunately, since Roswell, we’ve anticipated the coming of others from the stars and be they friendly or not, they would not find us unprepared…

Last update: 11th Apr 2020
The Mission The Mission
Last update: 18th Oct 2021
In the world of acquisitions, you have to be able to force a hostile takeover AND know those you work with.
Last update: 6th May 2020
The Unseen The Unseen
In a world where emotion and influence is more important than LOGIC, our think muscles are atropying. Ponder these without snap judgements or superficial gloss. What's being asked will go far deeper into your unconsciousness than you could ever know.
Last update: 6 days ago
Dalbello Dalbello
All Magical journeys begin with a Quest...
Last update: 26th Jan 2023
Magnicore Magnicore
Being exceptionally powered often comes at a price.
Last update: Today