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I'm a college student who has a passion for writing and also enjoys drawing. I love almost any kind of story as long as it's interesting. Also, for some reason I am represented online by a demonic fennec fox.

Nightsky's Webcomics
Three Little Monkeys Three Little Monkeys
Twins Amy and Kay are not normal: Amy chooses to be "blind" by removing her glasses whenever possible, and Kay chooses to be "deaf" by wearing headphones whenever she can. They have lived like this for seven years, and they're used to the weird looks and gossip. However, everything changes when a new student named Zack appears. Zack chooses to be "mute" by never speaking, and soon the three are forced to confront the events that made them become this way. It won't just be hard, though: it will be downright dangerous...

This comic is classified as a drama, but in reality it's more of a mystery with a small supernatural twist.

Last update: 25th Apr 2013
Forgotten Angels Forgotten Angels
Sometimes, angel-like beings called "Guardians" are assigned to protect humans. Normally they're invisible to humans, but Gwen has been able to see them for almost as long as she can remember. After living in an orphanage for years, she and her Guardian, Beryl, are suddenly invited to a boarding school by an anonymous benefactor, where they stumble upon a devious plot for rebellion...
Last update: 10th Aug 2012
Nightsky Presents Nightsky Presents
Late one night, a strange fennec fox appears at the window of a little girl's room and asks to be let inside in exchange for telling her stories...

Note: the first few uploads will be mostly tablet and art experiments and NOT actual comic pages.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
The Monkey in the Mansion The Monkey in the Mansion
A series of short stories submitted by several authors about a "monkey" in a mansion.
Last update: 8th Jun 2013