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Registration date: 3rd Jul 2015
Last seen: 30th May 2019, 6:27 PM
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I won't take the easy road ♪

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NoiV's Webcomics
The Guardian with Dots
Story created in the framework of an exhibition about the theme Origins. Come meet three lovely characters reacting to a visitor of Nature.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Le Gardien à Pois
Créée dans le cadre d'une exposition sur le thème des Origines, venez rencontrer trois personnages attachants réagissant à un visiteur de la nature.
Last update: 5th Apr 2017
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Rose Identity
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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The Secrets of the Afterlife
/i\ This story is a yuri manga : it pictures romantic and sexual relationships between girls. /i\

Alternative name : Les Secrets de l'Au-Delà

Genres : Romance, Drama, Yuri, Comedy, Ecchi, Mature, School Life, Shoujo Ai

Author : NoiV

Artist : NoiV

Summary :
When Anya falls from the sky, her life is already over. She reaches the ground, amnesiac and naked, of a little village in Japan. Quiet place in appearance, Nakamura's village might be as weird as its new resident. What is Anya's secret ? What's with that place full of women ? How can we have a normal life when all we remember about is Death ?

/i\Read from right to left./i\


Parody Summary of Chapter 1:
[Inspired by this thread.]
Anya: Hello I'm naked and lost
Anya: I'm also really weird and dead
Miyako: BYE
Nanaho: Hello I like dead people
June: I quit.
Nanaho: But she's hot
June: F/ck yeah
Nanaho: Bring her to school
June: F/ck no
Anya: *non-existing tears*
June: bitches

Last update: 18th Feb 2017
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Art by other people of the original series 'The Secrets of the Afterlife'
Last update: 5th Aug 2016
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Jon & friends
Last update: 29th Jul 2002
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