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Registration date: 14th Jan 2014
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About me
Hello there, and welcome to my small corner in this big world. I hope to entertain you all in any way possible.
~Luca Bicono

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Nonsensicales's comics
Protectors of Versun
Many years ago, humanity was nearly pushed to extinction by a being known as Kava, the Emissary of the Void. That's why the Protectors were formed. Humanity has been locked in a stalemate with the Void ever since. But soon...

Updates irregularly.

Last update: 4 days ago
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Spacing Out
After defecting from the Cosmic Pirates and being left for dead in the cold vacuum of space, Leika Vidali unexpectedly crash-lands on Planet Denz, a world of parties and fun. But her struggles are far from over, as her former crew is on the move, hunting her down to finish what they started...

Updates irregularly.

Last update: 11 days ago
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No matter how far away from each other, everything is forever connected. This rule remains constant across worlds and galaxies, and yes, even different universes. It is only at the end, however, that these connections make themselves known. It is these connections that will either doom everything, or cause all to prosper.

A quick story about the beginning of a particular universe.

Rated T for violence and minor harsh language.

Parts One & Two: Drawn using Manga Studio Debut 4. Read from right to left.

Part Three & Onward: Drawn using Clip Studio Paint. Read from left to right.

Last update: 8th Jan 2017
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