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I'm Nooga. I'm an eccentric but friendly hobbyist illustrator with a love of early 2000s media, cartoons, video games, action figures and cosplay.

I'm also the author and illustrator of Ignotus, a passion project webcomic of mine that although I hadn't actually started making it until late 2018, I had been piecing together the plot and characters since high school. With any luck, the sincere effort put into it will show :D

Nooga's Webcomics
Thick as Thieves Thick as Thieves
A plain old band of thieves known as the Night Shifters bite off a bit more than they can chew when in desperation for funding, they steal a mysterious, unopenable briefcase. Living in a world where superheroes roam and bigger fish are around every corner, the Night Shifters must push their skills and teamwork beyond their limits as they discover the crazy secrets about the world they live in.

-This is a story-based comic with a planned end.
-This comic would likely be rated MA15+ (T for US readers, 16+ everywhere else). Reasoning is coarse language, violence with blood and on rare occasions gore, sexual references and references to drugs. There are no sexual NSFW scenes, the sexual references are mostly sexual humour, and if it's not funny, it's through implication rather than outright shown. There are also mental health-related themes, some of them on the stronger side. You have been warned.
-Genres include: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Crime, Conspiracy, Superhero and a few sprinkles of Sci-Fi.
-Updates on Tuesdays 12pm ACDT. Breaks will be notified via the blog.

Last update: 9th Nov 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Ignotus (now Thick as Thieves) Ignotus (now Thick as Thieves)
Ignotus has moved! We're at now. See you there :)
Last update: 2nd Jul 2022