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Retired expatriate living in Southeast Asia

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Mystery Portal
Time and space have no ultimate reference point at the multi-versal level. Things can be hauntingly similar and yet strangely different when you find yourself involved in an inter-universal experience. Follow our heroes and heroines as they fall through the cracks in time and space. Some cross over by design while others stumble through accidentally, yet they all have one thing in common: Their lives and the lives of the people they touch will be forever altered.
Last update: 10th Nov 2013
Bangkok Bar & Girll
Bangkok, Thailand has long been known for its exotic nightlife and entertainment industry. The bar hostesses are world-famous for their warmth, friendliness, openness, and open-minded sexual attitude.

Some people come for a week or two to experience it for themselves - but not me. I live here. I am the owner/manager of The Bangkok Bar & Girll.

The Bangkok Bar & Girll is a dimly-lit "Full-Service" nightlife entertainment venue with rooms for rent by the hour upstairs at the Hotel California.

Last update: 8th Nov 2013
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language