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Just another comic maker from Smackjeeves.

Nova Ozuka's Webcomics
Kirby Card Clash
Join Kirby on his card themed adventure as his powers get stolen by a mysterious black Kirby named Umbra. He teams up with his friends to rebuild the Master Deck and stop Umbra's madness! Contains several OCs and potential spoilers to fan RPGs I have worked on. Currently in a crossov er with Kirby Tales in Dreamland.
Last update: 2 days ago
Star Allies
A Kirby fan comic originally started on SJ. I'll start uploading if I jump ship, and update daily until I run out of pages.

Manatari is the green Kirby that dual wields swords. Sol is the lavender Kirby that can conjure stars. Join them and the rest of the Star Allies as they venture across Pop Star.

Last update: 12th Jun 2020
House of Craziness
One day, a smuck decided to make a house and open its doors to literally anyone who's willing to answer a random ad posted on the internet.

...This is gonna be interesting.

Accepting applications to join in the insanity. Give Hypersayia a message if interested.

Last update: 21st Jul 2021
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language