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NuclearLoop's Webcomics
Scape, a monster-fighting fantasy focusing on a young woman named Sula, plunged into a war between Lucid monsters and the militant organization created to stop them. Sula has always preferred to forge her own path, but she is pulled into battle by circumstances out of her control.
Last update: 25th Jul 2018
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The Long Road
The Long Road: Memoir of an Asshole. The Long Road is a timeline about my character Louvain, an alien bounty hunter making her way through life as an underdog, shooting for the stars, literally.

She doesn’t have the best of luck, nor impulsive control to be a model citizen, but with the help and support of friends she may have a brighter future.

This comic is 18+ for its heavy adult themes.

Last update: 1st Dec 2018
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Sanctibri, a foreign planet rich in pure extractable
energy coursing within it’s roots, had been the home
of human race refugees for several centuries.

As time passed another race of alien, the
Belshezaki, had their eyes set for the same prize
of resources and minerals crucial for the continuity
of their people.

This meant a compromise.

The Belshezaki ‘Instintine’, Bedralena, came up
with the solution of sharing their knowledge
of architecture and ways to harness such fertile
energy in return for a place to live.

As the world of Sanctibri blossomed into
metropolis, humanity was grateful beyond words.
Bedralena received the highest ranks of
leadership, and the residents of the world held
the holiday of Oxitolinde to celebrate their
world’s accomplishments thanks to the aliens.

But is Bedralena all she claims to be, holding the
entire fate of the human race in her hands?

Last update: 10th Feb 2016
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