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Registration date: 17th Jun 2015
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About me
Anshari is a comic artist, Aemir Khalid is an author, together we craft visions throught art and literature

Nuorgcomic's comics
The comic is about a Malay Alchemist named Seri who was brought up in Andalusia, Spain. She came back to the Malay Archipelago for a mission to investigate on a sea serpent called 'Ratu Naga Silan' by the locals.
She was assisted by a local named Hitam, who was granted immortality and invulnerability by the sea serpent herself, but he felt it as a curse rather than a blessing.

To read full pages visit you can download by paying as none from Usd0.00 or to whatever price you please. Support us by spreading the words. Happy reading!

Last update: 19th Jun 2015
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