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Hi there! <3

I'm Nyomi, aka Lindsay, aka "does that dumb bitch still not have her comic up and going?" I'm a 20yo film major from Michigan who likes pop punk, drumming, shounens, and dogs. Dogs are so good. Please send me your dog pictures. If a mafia game is happening, I'll probably be around - otherwise, I might be lurking very sleep deprived in between college projects. Estellia will happen, mark my words - it won't fucking stop haunting my dreams until I do it. <3

Executive producer and marketing member of Survivor Michigan! :O
If you would like to watch Survivor Michigan, please come vibe! Yes, I am a shill, thank you for asking <3 Gotta put the skills I learned from mafia games on this website to use somehow!

On a personal note, here's my YouTube!

A prominent member of the Danny Phantom Phanclub. How mysterious that the show ran for two seasons with no creator and then ended after that? Wild. :^)

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When rural high schools with limited funding have to make budget cuts, the arts get slashed first and the hardest. Corvus High School was no exception: no drama program in sight. Enter Michael Uberti, a sophomore theatre kid attempting to start up a drama club at his high school. He's a kid with big dreams and even bigger problems: namely that the drama club he was trying to start up turned very rapidly into a combination drama/extraterrestrial "save the world" club.

Turns out, Earth is the next in line to be conquered by imperialistic aliens known as Estellians, and somehow the resistance begins with dramatic high schoolers, punk defectors, alien refugees and himbos. With Michael's own history being unravelled in front of his face, it turns out he might have more in common with those aliens than he thought. With all of this, Michael just has to ask -- will he manage to pull together the drama club for a hell of a production?

[Launch date: Hopefully soon!]

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Kiss From a Rose
Something something English project, which is usually the explanation for all my weird creations.

Why did I name it after a Seal song? Because I wanted to do something about Grays and Reds and like, I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't terrible, so here we are.

Why is it here? Because I couldn't figure out how else to show it, and I was NOT wasting all that printer paper.

Last update: 11th Dec 2019

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The coolest kid this side of the block.
Also my irl friend who I pestered until she agreed to host her comic here. ;)