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OccultViolet's Profile
formerly VoltVixen
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Registration date: 11th Mar 2013
Last seen: 15th Dec 2015, 9:18 AM
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About me

I like to draw, play games and stuff.
I'm learning animation.

Feel free to chat it up with me, I'm pretty chill.

OH. I should leave some other places I can be found here...

Main Tumblr!

Animation progress blog


Deviant Art!

OccultViolet's comics
The story of an insomniac who stumbles into a reality between waking and sleeping, and must deal with the knowledge that it exists, all while trying to hold some semblance of a normal life together. This is tougher than it seems when his past slowly begins to catch up with him, and he figures out that he too is a part of this other realm.
Last update: 3rd Apr 2015
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